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Discover the rich culture, history and nature of the Soutpansberg,
Northern Limpopo, South Africa.
Enjoying green Limpopo

To Tzaneen, Magoebaskloof, Haenertsburg

To explore the lush forests West of Tzaneen, follow the R71 towards Polokwane. This road takes the traveller through the famous Magoebaskloof Mountain Pass. Along with ancient hardwood forests, wild mountains and silver dams, the Debegeni Falls is one of the highlights of the Magoebaskloof mountains. Situated in a tributary of the Politsi River, the falls cascade for 24 meters down a series of rocky steps into the deep pool for which the falls are named. A Sotho name, Debegeni is said to mean 'the place of the big pot' a reference to the pool's resemblance to a cooking pot. There are picknick sites and toilet facilities near the falls.

Magoebaskloof mountains is home to Kuhestan Organic Farm which offers four-star self-catering, holiday guest cottages for nature lovers, birders and everyone who is in search of peace, tranquility and beauty.  Kuhestan is an organic avocado and raspberry farm, surrounded by both Afro-montane and pine forests.  It offers visitors and guests welcome access to one of the most beautiful gardens on the Magoebaskloof mountains which attracts a generous variety of exotic forest birds. The rare Samango monkey can also be seen in the indigenous forest. In addition to the guest cottages, avocados and raspberries, Kuhestan Products – a range of delicious Persian cordials, preserves and pickles – are produced on the farm and are available for sale to guests and visitors, as are an imported range of  Persian kilims. 
Another organic farm is Wegraakbosch. Here, visitors can buy and taste traditional dairy products, made on a small scale in the customary alpine manner. The cheese making process does not rely on any electrical or mechanical devices, not even the cow milking. On a cheese making tour visitors can explore the use of bacteria, rennet and mould in the process of cheese making. The use of bacteria and moulds on the organic farms is also explained. The tour takes between thirty minutes and an hour. 
There are several hiking trails in the area. Here visitors could walk quietly and maybe encounter some antelope, bush pigs, baboons, samango monkeys or even the rare caracal cat. The bird life is abundant and therefore it is famous as a bird watchers paradise. Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours will offers a unique trip to a previously inaccessible realm of nature, moving visitors between platforms built high within the upper level of indigenous forests and ancient mountain cliffs. Each platform is joined by the spectacular 'foefie' cable slide high above the sparkling river, waterfalls and forest floor. Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours' trained guides ensure the safety of each group while describing facts about the fauna, flora and ecology of the surrounding environment. 
Haenertsburg is a picturesque village between Polokwane and Tzaneen. This village originated as a gold rush town in 1887 and remains of the old workings can still be seen today. This area is surrounded by crystal clear mountain air, mountain peaks, tumbling waterfalls, tranquil lakes and magnificent indigenous forests.
A good base to explore the region is Kurisa Moya. This eco-lodge offers beauty in nature, peace and tranquility, close to birds and animals.  Go on walking paths, hiking trails, 4×4 drives, abseiling, mountain biking, guided birding walks, learn the art of fly-fishing or get pampered with massages. 
Invader Craft is driven by the concept of creating sustainable job opportunities through recycling alien invasive vegetation. They are based in the beautiful Magoebaskloof area of Limpopo Province where alien vegetation is depleting natural water resources. Ancient weaving techniques are used to make products that are functional today and yet still reflect Africa at its very best. Traditional items such as sleeping mats have been turned into window blinds, stick work into bathroom accessories and screens, and baskets have been given a funky new twist by weaving them with wattle bark. Treated for Borer and Fungus.
Also based in Haenertsburg is the Bjatladi Youth Centre organisation. They can arrange interesting trips to some of the rural villages and engage in musical activities and storytelling.
Places of interest
- Debengeni Waterfalls
- Kuhestan cottages
- Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours
- Kurisa Moya Eco Lodge
- Wegraakbosch Organic Farm
- Bjatladi Youth Centre / Village Tourism
- Invader Craft
Tour guide: No
Level of adventure: Moderate
Car: Normal car