A Colourful Experience

Discover the rich culture, history and nature of the Soutpansberg,
Northern Limpopo, South Africa.
Tradition and transition in creative culture

Permanent exhibition

Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary Art

The permanent exhibition is located in the actual gallery of Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge and provides an overview of Venda, Tsonga and Northern Sotho cultures and their artistic development through traditional, transitional and contemporary phases. It shows that decorative elements on traditional objects were not created with the intention of any artistic expression, but were primarily symbols of communication. The makers of these objects did not just produce for the sake of creating art, but provided functional and practical items. They mastered high levels of craftsmanship, skills and expertise inherited from their fathers or mothers.


The cultural landscape

Six panels and various historical objects lead through the cultures of the area: Venda, Tsonga, Balobedo, Hananwa, Ba Palaborwa and the Early Settlers. Other panels explain the cultural landscape of the area and the rich history of the ancient kindom of Mapungubwe. Limpopo Province has got the richest variety of cultural groupings. Furthermore, the province shares borders with Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. These realities, as well as the history of the area, all had a distinctive influence on the creative character of the cultural expressions of the people that live here amongst mountains and plains in vibrant colours and fusions.