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Traditional wooden sculptures and benches

Lucky Makamu

Woodcarver Lucky Makamu lives and works with his wife and children in Mbokota village, near Elim, Northern Limpopo . His style is easy to recognise, because he decorates his wooden sculptures with copper and metal ornaments. He creates small and large pieces, depicting religious and mythical themes such as crucifixes, benches with snakes, fish and angels.


From 1979 to 1982, he decided to earn a living in Johannesburg and left his place despite the difficult time of apartheid. He was lucky to join a training course with the South African Police and was thus able to find employment with the SAP – Traffic Police. After four years of city life, he was longing to go back home. As an income generating project, he got himself involved in metal work and started to produce different jewellery designs. Following tradition, he also carved small sculptures. It was during that time, he was asked by Jackson Hlungwani to work as his driver and bring his sculptures to a newly opened gallery in Newtown, Johannesburg. He soon realized how well his own small wooden sculptures caught the interest of customers. 


Turning into a sculptor, he was very much influenced by Jackson Hlungwani. He realized that through his sculptures he could get the message across about Shangaan culture and expose their art throughout the country. Nowadays, his pieces are found in South Africa in different museums and galleries. His workshop is open to visitors.
Text source: Stefan Kramer
Contact details:
Lucky Makamu
Tel +27(0)73 326 2172
Mbokhota Village
P.O.Box 1039
Mashamba 0942