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Traditional wooden scultures and interior products

David Murathi

David Murathi started woodcarving when he was still at school. Now he runs a rural art studio in Mashau Village near Elim, Northern Limpopo, and you can visit his workshop. He learned carving from his uncle Churchill Madsivandila, who was also a famous woodcarver. His inspiration is lead by his dreams and ancestral spirits. He creates traditional and contemporary small and large sculptures and fishes. His wooden bathroom accessories such as hooks, towel racks and mirrors are true art objects.


Whenever David starts carving a sculpture, he looks at the natural form of the wood seeking to make a significant artistic statement. Although most of his pieces are rather small, they are very expressive. Aside from traditional motives, a good number of his sculptures reflect very painful situations, such as domestic violence and women abuse. 


David participated in different workshops and entered several competitions. At the Venda Arts Exhibition at the RSA Embassy Hall in 1992 he won the first prize and got a certificate. David is proud and happy that his sculptures not only found their way all over South Africa but even reached overseas. His name, picture and several sculptures can be found in various magazines and art books.
Text source: Stefan Kramer
Contact details:
David Murathi
Tel +27(0)72 632 7991
Machau village, Elim