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Discover the rich culture, history and nature of the Soutpansberg,
Northern Limpopo, South Africa.
Traditional and modern Tsonga bead work and embroidery

Mtititi Magic

Mtititi Magic is a co-operative, based in Mtititi near Giyani, Northern Limpopo. A group of 15 women are running an income generating business, producing traditional attire such as the Xibelani dancing skirt, the traditional Minceka cloth and objects such as aprons, necklaces and food containers used for cultural celebrations. Tsonga bead work is easily recognised by the bright colours yellow, orange, green, red, blue and aqua blue and distinctive geometrical patterns. Their traditional designs are used for home decoration products, fashion and gifts. Their workshop at Mtititi village is open to visitors.

Contact details:
Christina Masuluke
Tel +27(0)82 078 3467
Mtititi village, Malamulele