A Colourful Experience

Discover the rich culture, history and nature of the Soutpansberg,
Northern Limpopo, South Africa.
Discover the hidden legends of Venda

Land of Legends

This is an organised trip starting at Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge and going back to Madi a Thavha at the end of the second day. A qualified tour guide will accompany the visitor and he is also responsible for preparing the meals.

Day one:

The first day, the tour leads to Lake Fundudzi, Thathe Vondo forest and Mutale Falls. The guide will tell some secrets and legends related to this lake, which has spiritual significance to the Venda people. From there the drive continues through plantations and rural villages to the Tshatshingo Potholes. From the potholes travellers proceed to Kubvi village and pass Donald Fraser hospital. This new road will lead to the Mukumbani tea plantations, where the tea factory can be visited (only during picking season). From there the drive continues up the mountain to Chief Tshivasa’s kraal and the Fundudzi Ivory route Camp, where visitors will spend the night in traditional huts. The accommodation in huts with a communal ablution block is simple but comfortable. The tour guide will prepare the evening meal and women from the kraal will perform at the camp fire.

Places to stay

Tshivasa Ivory route camp

Day two:

The journey continues, passing the Tshandama Craft Market and Mutale Art and Crafts Centre.  Albert Munyai, a famous woodcarver and traditional healer who stays close to the Art and Crafts centre is worth to visit. The route continues following the road to the North in the direction of Thengwe and Moswodi. At the sign of Tshixwadza / Dalakhuredzi falls, travellers turn to the left to Mufulwi village, for a visit to the famous Venda potter and 'Proudly South Africa' master crafter Rebecca Matibe. She will be delighted by visitors to her homestead and she will show how she makes her pots. From Rebecca Matibe the route continues further North in the direction of Muswodi and Folovhodwe. There, the Tambani women can be visited. They embroider traditional Venda stories on black and white fabric panels. From Folovhodwe a gravel road links to the R 525, passing Nwanedi Nature Reserve. Follow the R 525 and turn left in the direction of the Ndelele Dam and from there drive to the N1. This road is only accessible by cars with a high wheel clearance.
Distance: 250 kilometers
Tour guide: needed  
Level of adventure: high
Car: high wheel clearance is needed