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Discover the rich culture, history and nature of the Soutpansberg,
Northern Limpopo, South Africa.
Observe the rare bird species of the Soutpansberg mountains and Limpopo valley

Birding trips

Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge offers guided birding trips to Birding hot spots of choice (Hanglip, Roodewal, Etambeni, Albasini Dam) with Samson Mulaudzi, a qualified Birding guide. Bird watchers leave early in the morning and return to the lodge in the beginning of the afternoon to relax at the swimming pool or continue observing birds around the farm house or in the surrounding mountains.


Self drive – birding guide – pick nick

From 3 pax per person

Valid until 31/10/2014

Self drive – birding guide – pick nick

2 pax per person

Valid until 31/10/2014

R 260 R 390


The Bird Guide

Samson is always on the look-out for such varied species as White-backed Night Heron, African Finfoot and Osprey. Various kingfishers can be seen in his area of operation, as well as Buff-spotted Flufftail and rarities such as the Rock Pratnicole have turned on occasion. Hanglip Forest, an easily-accessible Afro-temperate mist-belt forest has resident Scaly-throated Honeyguide, White-starred Robin and Yellow-streaked Greenbul. Roodewaal Nature Reserve is renowned for its fairly reliable sightings of the elusive African Broadbill. Samson has stake-outs for this enigmatic bird, as well as for the Gorgeous Bush-Shrike, the Eastern Nicator and Green Twinspot in this forest. Entabeni Forest special birds include a resident Bat Hawk. Others birds to be found are Orange Ground Thrush, Brown Scrub Robin, African Broadbill and Green Twinspot.


Birding hotspots

Tshivhazwa Dam
The dam is situated just 7 kilometers from the R524 road turn off to vuwani on the road from Louis Trichardt to Punda Maria gate. Habitat: Dam shore surrounded by some sour bushveld.

Hanglip Forest
An easily accessible Afro-temperate Mist-belt forest with a picnic site and short trails. This is the best place to find White-starred Robin and Yellow streaked Greenbul.

Roodewal Nature Reserve Forest
This is the best most reliable site in the Soutpansberg for African Broadbill. 


The birds of Madi a Thavha Mountain Lodge

The numbers are according to the 6th edition of Roberts Birds of Southern africa. The names are those currently (2010) in use.


131  Verreaux's Eagle 600   Red–capped Robin – Chat
141  African crowned Eagle 602   White–throated Robin – Chat
152  Jackal Buzzard 613   White–browed Scrub – Robin
157  Little Sparrowhawk 643   Willow Warbler  
160  African Goshawk  645   Bar–throated Apalis
189  Crested Francolin  648   Yellow-breasted Apalis
196  Natal Spurfowl 651   Long–Billed crombec
203  Helmeted Guineafow 657   Green–backed Camaroptera
204  Crested Guineafowl   674   Red – faced cisticola
350  African olive–pigeon 679   Lazy Cisticola
352  Red – eyed Dove 683   Tawny–flanked prinia
358  Emerald–spotted Wood –Dove 689   Spotted Flycatcher
359  Tambourine Dove 693   Grey Tit–Flycatcher
371  Purple–crested Turaco 700   Cape Batis
374  Common Cuckoo 701   Chinspot Batis
377  Red–chested Cuckoo 710   African Paradise–Flycatcher
385  Klaas Cuckoo 712   Mountain Wagtail
394  African Wood–Owl  720   Striped Pipit
404  European Nightjar 733   Red–backed Shrike
405  Fiery–necked Nightjar  736   Southern Boubou
415  White–rumped Swift 740   Black–backed puffback
424  Speckled Mousebird  747   Gorgeous Bush–Shrike
427  Narina Trogon 750   Olive Bush–Shrike
432  African Pygmy–Kingfisher  751   Grey–headed Bush-Shrike
435  Brown–hooded Kingfisher 769   Red–winged Starling
438  European Bee–eater 785   Greater Double–collared Sunbird
444  Little Bee–eater 791   Scarlet–chested Sunbird
449  Purple Roller 792   Amethyst Sunbird
464  Black–collared Barbet  793   Collared Sunbird
470  Yellow–fronted Tinkerbird  796   Cape White–eye
475  Scaly–throated Honeyguide 810   Spectacled Weaver
476  Lesser Honeyguide 814   Southern Masked–Weaver
486  Cardinal Woodpecker 821   Red–billed Quelea
487  Bearded Woodpecker 826   Yellow–crowned Bishop
488  Olive Woodpecker 827   Yellow Bishop
518  Barn swallow  831   Red–collared Widowbird
527  Lesser Striped Swallow 835   Green Twinspot
543  Eurasian Golden Oriole 840   African Firefinch
543  Eurasian Golden Oriole 841   Jamesons Firefinch
568  Dark–capped Bulbul 846   Common Waxbill
569  Terrestrial Brownbul 857   Bronze Mannikin
572  Sombre Greenbul 860   Pin–tailed whydah
574  Yellow–bellied Greenbul 864   Dusky Indigobird
575  Eastern Nicator 869   Yellow fronted Canary
576  Kurrichane Thrush 881   Streaky–heade Seedeater
689  Familiar Chat 884   Golden–breasted bunting
599  White–browned Robin–Chat  


Drawn from the list supplied by Samson Mulaudzi and supplemented by records from Dave Brown.

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